per.doc Artist Talks

This Monday 23 August, I will be participating in online artist talks for the postponed per.doc exhibition at Articulate project space, Leichhardt. The press release reads as follows: The Documenting Articulate 2010-2020 Performance show, per.doc, is one of four planned Decade shows where artists revisit work presented at Articulate over the last 10 years. In this instance, we … More per.doc Artist Talks

Freud’s Daughter and The Destruction of the Father

A few days ago, a friend of mine shared this article on the current exhibition ‘Louise Bourgeois: Freud’s Daughter’ at the Jewish Museum in New York. I’ve admired Bourgeois’s work for some time and I’m particularly interested in the connection between her artistic practice and her personal history (so much so that I wrote about … More Freud’s Daughter and The Destruction of the Father

Loose Threads

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during this difficult time. Although winter has not yet ended I have taken advantage of the most recent Covid restrictions to do some early spring cleaning. I have updated this long-neglected website and gone back through my archives and tidied things up as much as I can. … More Loose Threads

Intercessions Open

This March I am participating in a two day program of performance art by artists affiliated with base-metal. The performances will take place at Scratch Art Space over the weekend of March 5th & 6th (from 11 – 5pm) as part of the Marrickville Open Studio Trail. The address is 67 Sydenham Rd, Marrickville. I’d love for you to come … More Intercessions Open

Colour, Line, Form

My work Hypercube was recently included in the exhibition Colour, Line, Form at Articulate. It was accompanied by text explaining the work: Hypercube is a projection of a four-dimensional object which cannot be fully realised in three-dimensional space. By executing the hypercube in the style of Sol Lewitt’s open cubes I hoped to engage with his ideas about conceptual … More Colour, Line, Form

Free Falling

I was recently invited to perform For those who’ve come across the sea in the glass cube, at The Oxford Art Factory, over two nights for their Free Fall program. It was accompanied by text explaining the work: For Those Who’ve Come Across The Sea is an exploration of Australia’s troubled relationship to the sea and migration, … More Free Falling

Hungry for Art

I was recently invited to perform Prima Materia at Top Ryde City as part of the Hungry for Art Festival. It was accompanied by text explaining the work:  Prima Materia is a performance piece that involves the simultaneous creation and destruction of the painting space. The old is continuously destroyed to make way for the new. The artist is … More Hungry for Art

Hungry for Performance Art

I have been invited to present my performance piece Prima Materia as part of the Hungry for Art Festival in Ryde. The performance will take place at Top Ryde City on Saturday, August 24 from 11am – 3pm.                                                                                                            Tom Isaacs is a local performance artist and sculptor. His practice is an exploration of art … More Hungry for Performance Art

Cementa 13

I was recently invited to perform All Creation for Cementa 13, held in Kandos, NSW. My performance was accompanied by text explaining the work: As a Christian artist I draw my identity as a creator from God in whose image I was created. I believe that the true purpose of art is the same as … More Cementa 13