PhD Exhibition: Sacrificial Bodies

Disappearance, suffocation, collapse, and death. These are the sufferings of the alienated and depressed body. Or are they, perhaps, the means by which suffering can be overcome? Deprivation and self-harm are time-honoured tools used in spiritual disciplines from around the world and throughout history. They are also recurring motifs in the field of body art.

In his PhD examination exhibition ‘Sacrificial Bodies’, Tom Isaacs demonstrates his deep and critical engagement with the problems of alienation and depression through his body art practice. Drawing from his research on ritual and psychoanalysis, Isaacs has developed four performances that interrogate the medium of body art and explore its potential efficacy as a response to these formidable deadlocks.

Date: 13 April – 20 April, 2022
Open by appointment
Location: SCA Project Space, Room 201B, Building A12, Science Road, Macleay Building, The University of Sydney.