Freud’s Daughter and The Destruction of the Father

A few days ago, a friend of mine shared this article on the current exhibition ‘Louise Bourgeois: Freud’s Daughter’ at the Jewish Museum in New York. I’ve admired Bourgeois’s work for some time and I’m particularly interested in the connection between her artistic practice and her personal history (so much so that I wrote about … More Freud’s Daughter and The Destruction of the Father

Black and White

When tumblr first became popular I didn’t see much need for it. Between my blog and my twitter account I was feeling pretty confident my needs were met. But then, after looking at a few image-based tumblr accounts, I realised they could be quite aesthetically pleasing. I was inspired by the arrangement of attractive and … More Black and White


At the opening night of the National Tertiary Art Prize I had an interesting conversation about the current popularity of video art. One theory is that the invention and dissemination of LCD televisions has returned video to the pictorial realm. Wall mounted flat screen video is the new painting; framed, contained. One could argue that … More Tele-Vision

Heavy Criticism

As an art student it is often necessary to talk and write about your work. I have heard this is also true for practicing artists. In my time at university I have never experienced significant trouble meeting these expectations. I have always particularly enjoyed talking about my work whether it be informally, with friends, family … More Heavy Criticism

Cut and Dried

I have had long hair for more than two years. On Saturday evening I shaved it all off. Personally I felt it was long past time for a change. I was tired of the effort and inconvenience of having thick, curly, long hair. But now that the hair is gone I feel the possible repercussions … More Cut and Dried

Art or not?

I read Timequake by Kurt Vonnegut recently. It is definitely a strange book, but still quite enjoyable. One particular passage struck me as worth quoting. It is Kurt’s response to his brother’s question, “Art or not?” There are many good people who are beneficially stimulated by some, but not all, manmade arrangements of colours and … More Art or not?

Relational Being

I am planning an exhibition with my good friend Sach. Our works have some visual and conceptual similarities but also many differences. We are both performance and video oriented and our practices share concerns at times about art and life. His latest work is an attempt to physicalise a visceral reaction to the work of … More Relational Being