Loose Threads

I hope everyone is staying safe and sane during this difficult time.

Although winter has not yet ended I have taken advantage of the most recent Covid restrictions to do some early spring cleaning. I have updated this long-neglected website and gone back through my archives and tidied things up as much as I can. I am still waiting on some photos and information from friends that will help to fill a few things out, but things are feeling much more organised.

I am currently on track to submit my PhD in December (all things going well) and I’m also working on a few non-PhD art projects. The first is a documentation show at Articulate where they have invited artists who have presented performances at Articulate to return and exhibit documentation of their performances. Unfortunately the exhibition has been postponed for now due to Covid. The second project I’m working on is a mentoring program with high school students in the Cessnock region. The outcome of that project is an exhibition called ‘Cessnock Contemporary’ which has also been postponed. And the final project is to create new work for the MAPBM group exhibition ‘Carnivale Catastrophe’ as part of Cementa21 in Kandos. Cementa21 was scheduled for later this year, but has been (you guessed it) postponed.

In the coming weeks I may be able to share some images from works-in-progress for these projects, but I will also be returning to my PhD paper which will no doubt consume much of my time.

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