Colour, Line, Form

My work Hypercube was recently included in the exhibition Colour, Line, Form at Articulate. It was accompanied by text explaining the work:

Hypercube is a projection of a four-dimensional object which cannot be fully realised in three-dimensional space. By executing the hypercube in the style of Sol Lewitt’s open cubes I hoped to engage with his ideas about conceptual art and interrogate the primacy of conceptual thinking in art making. Four-dimensional space has been studied by mathematicians and philosophers for over two centuries and yet our attempts to accurately visualise or represent the fourth-dimension in Euclidian space remain ultimately frustrated.

The use of geometry in my work relates to the philosophy of Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher and mathematician, who founded a religious movement espousing the belief that God created the universe after geometric and harmonic principles and thus to seek these principles was to seek and worship God. In the same way that Modernist painters, such as Malevich, Mondrian and Kandinsky, used geometric abstraction as a way of representing the divine through art, I am attempting to point to another reality by evoking the elusive fourth-dimension.