Cementa 13

I was recently invited to perform All Creation for Cementa 13, held in Kandos, NSW. My performance was accompanied by text explaining the work:

As a Christian artist I draw my identity as a creator from God in whose image I was created. I believe that the true purpose of art is the same as God’s purpose for creation, to bring glory to His name. ‘All Creation’ is the next step in a series of works exploring this idea through geometric abstraction. The work consists of five limestone sculptures of the platonic solids, originally named for Plato who wrote about these shapes and their connection to the elements of the natural world and to the heavens.

The use of geometry in my work relates to the philosophy of Pythagoras which states that God created the universe after geometric and harmonic principles and thus to seek these principles is to seek and worship God. It is also a reference to the work and theories of Modernist painters, such as Malevich, Mondrian and Kandinsky, who employed geometric abstraction as a means of representing the divine through art. I have chosen to use limestone which serves as a link to the natural world, to classical sculpture and to the production of cement, once the main industry of Kandos.