I have a work in a group show!


The opening is on Thursday, November 18 (from 6 – 9pm) at At The Vanishing Point. The address is 565 King St, Newtown.

The show runs from 18 November – 5 December, I’d love for you to come along and check it out.

“Abstract/Object is an examination of the object status of the artwork. By placing in the gallery space, the furniture, possessions, and other domestic objects of the curator, and then installing works of art in the space that this creates: Abstract/Object asks the question, what is so special about the art object, and how dependent is its value on the context in which it is displayed?

Throughout its history, modern art criticism has questioned the context in which art is placed and displayed. From a very broad perspective one might suggest that nowhere on this earth is there a space that does not somehow degrade, corrode, or diminish the artwork that it contains.

On the one hand there is the home of the collector, into which the artwork enters only through its conversion into a kind of trophy or decoration through the process of its purchase. On the other hand, the gallery space is perceived as a sterile, negative space, scrubbed of any reference to, or residue of, the outside world, even to the point of denying the bodily presence of the viewer.

Abstract/Object is an attempt to superimpose these two spaces, creating a third paradoxical space in which the status of the object is made uncertain: at once challenged by its placement in a context permeated by the every day world, and at the same time a space abstracted and rarefied by its gallery status.”