Some days… (2006)

Some days I speak with conviction like a prophet or a politician. I sound like I know what I’m talking about and I probably think I do as well. Some days I have no idea and I know it. Most days I talk out loud just to see if what I’m saying sounds like the truth. Sometimes it’s not and I know it, but I still don’t correct myself. People ask me questions about myself sometimes and I usually give them an answer. It’s a different answer from the one I gave yesterday but I think it’s still mostly true for me that day. It makes it hard for me to write things down for other people with any sense of finality or definitiveness. Usually that’s not a problem.

I sometimes get asked about my art. I usually answer, sometimes vaguely, and I think what I say is mostly true. I’m not really sure. How can I explain my art when it’s a mass of half-formed ideas and influences and it’s intangible and inarticulate and a part of me? How can I talk about something that I otherwise express through art? How can I talk about what I don’t even really understand? One way I can do it is just by saying whatever is true for me today. I think I make art kind of like how I tell people about things. I’m just putting it out there to see what it looks like. To see how it sounds. Maybe even to see if it’s true. I’m pretty sure it’s true most of the time.