EX VOTO: Joseph Beuys (2011)

‘EX VOTO: Joseph Beuys’ was a group show I curated for INDEX. Initially works were curated into the show, but the general public was also invited to leave offerings and artworks at the shrine dedicated to St Joseph:

“EX VOTO is a Mexican folk tradition of laying hand crafted objects of veneration at the shrine of local saints who are believed to have helped the maker in some way. In this instance it is an occasion for artists to testify to the gifts that St. Joseph has bequeathed to us, especially in the form of ideas and influence. If Joseph Beuys has ever touched your life or your artistic practice in any way, this is the opportunity to express your gratitude.”

Photography: Alex Wisser & Peter McGuiness.

Many thanks to Georgie Pollard, Alex Wisser and INDEX, for hosting ‘EX VOTO: Joseph Beuys’ and to the amazing artists and members of the public for their involvement.