Eat, and live forever (2012)


My work Eat, and live forever was exhibited in ‘Eat Your Art Out’ at Articulate, Leichhardt.

In Greek mythology, golden apples were said to be found in the garden of the Hesperides belonging to the goddess Hera. These apples granted immortality to any who ate them, but the garden was guarded by a never-sleeping, hundred-headed dragon named Ladon. Golden apples also appeared in Norse mythology where they belonged to the goddess Iðunn. These apples were the source of the gods’ immortality and eternal youth, serving the same purpose as Ambrosia in Greek mythology.

The title of this work is taken from Genesis 3, which describes God’s creation of the Garden of Eden where he first dwelled alongside his people. In the midst of the garden God planted the tree of life and any who ate its fruit would live forever. This tree and its fruit were available to all, but when the people sinned against God they were expelled from the Garden and their access to the tree of life was cut off.