Strange Bedfellows (2011)

Three photographic slides that I exhibited in ‘Small Works for a Large Universe’ at INDEX.

Photography: Alex Wisser.

In my first year at SCA I worked with the bed as a metaphor for private and intimate spaces, be they mental, emotional or psychological. My lecturer at the time, Margaret Roberts, encouraged me to research work by other artists that worked with the same or similar motifs. Recently I found three slides, from that year, of artworks that contain beds, each by a different artist.

From left to right the photographic slides show the works Die Frauen der Revolution by Anselm Kiefer, WELL by Simone Mangos and Le décor et son double by Daniel Buren.

Generally in my practice there is a drive to acknowledge my influences and my artistic forebears. Consequently, I quite like the idea of posting these small, rediscovered artifacts from my initial research. Specifically regarding the premise of the show, physically the objects are small but it is the infinitesimally small influence each of these works exerted on my practice that I am interested in. None of the works have ever been directly referenced in my artistic practice or my conceptual writing and yet they have never been completely forgotten either.